The Übermutant is the third boss in Spear of Destiny and the boss of the Castle area.


The Übermutant is one of the more aggressive bosses. He has the highest movement speed of all of the bosses and deals massive damage at close range due to his four cleavers. The player should focus on keeping distance between themselves and the Übermutant but also need to remember to duck for cover when the Übermutant starts firing its chest-mounted chaingun.

In Map16 of Spear of Destiny the arena takes the form of a large metal containment area surrounded by cloisters of stone walls with gaps filled in with brown columns. If the player keeps track of the route to backtrack through the stone cloisters they should be able to put distance between themselves and the Übermutant, optimally setting up to fire on the monster from behind one of the columns.

The Übermutant's speed and ruthlessness makes him an intense foe that requires the player's full attention.

Because the Übermutant neither drops ammo nor ends the game on death it is recommended that the player not spend health and ammo as though they would not be needed after the foe is defeated.

Official Hint Book DescriptionEdit

Ubermutant Concept Art

Art for The Übermutant by Adrian Carmack as shown in the Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book

From The Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book:
Dr. Schabbs has been assigned to a facility which contains a more suitable lab for creating mutants. However, he's left his most prized creation to guard the Spear, the Übermutant.
The horrific jewel in the maniacal Dr. Schabbs' sadistic crown, the Über-Mutant [sic] is the perfect soldier with four cleaver-tipped arms and a chaingun in its chest!


ECWolf DECORATE DefinitionEdit

actor UberMutant : WolfensteinMonster 24
    points 5000
    health 1050, 1150, 1250, 1400
    speed 1, 5.859
    deathsound "uber/death"
    attacksound "uber/attack"
    dropitem "GoldKey"
            UBER A -1 NOP A_Look(0, 0, 0, 0, 360)
            UBER A 5 NOP A_Chase
            UBER A 1.5
            UBER B 4 NOP A_Chase
            UBER C 5 NOP A_Chase
            UBER C 1.5
            UBER D 4 NOP A_Chase
            UBER E 15 A_FaceTarget
            UBER F 6 bright A_FaceTarget
            UBER G 0 bright A_MeleeAttack(10, 1.0)
            UBER G 6 bright A_WolfAttack
            UBER H 0 bright A_MeleeAttack(10, 1.0)
            UBER H 6 bright A_WolfAttack
            UBER G 0 bright A_MeleeAttack(10, 1.0)
            UBER G 6 bright A_WolfAttack
            UBER F 0 bright A_MeleeAttack(10, 1.0)
            UBER F 6 bright A_WolfAttack
            UBER E 0 A_MeleeAttack(10, 1.0)
            UBER E 6 A_WolfAttack
            goto See
            UBER A .5 A_Fall
            UBER A 35 A_Scream
            UBER IJKL 7.5
            UBER M -1
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