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1945 The End of the Third Riech (sic!) is a Wolfenstein 3D mod released by PenguinDog55 in March of 2011 as version 2.1. Features all 60 new levels as well as significant audiovisual changes and coding features like the 25 amo crate. PenguinDog55 released version 3.0 two and a half year later, promising polished mapping, extra keys, new music and graphics, though retaining some of the old bugs. Version 3.1 was released some time later, however the changes it brings are not documented anywhere.

Mapping is always extensive and offers significant variety. Later levels often introduce grid mazes and long pushwall sequences. Maps 30-50 are populated almost exclusively by mutants, as per storyline.


It's the year 1945, the war has been going on for nearly six years.The nazis fight to keep Hitler's twisted dream alive to take over the world. The allies sent out a polish guy named BJ Blazcowicks AKA The One Man Army.

You BJ Blazcowicks grandson of the man who brought the first world war down who has fought and accomplished many missions. You are the allies only hope if you can't bring the third riech to an end then no one can. You BJ Blazcowicks take out your pistol with 8 bullets and your trusty knife and get flown to a nearby open forset by some castle in a helecopter.It's time to go in there and bring an end to the third riech.

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