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[[Category:2019 mods]]
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[[Category:Total conversions]]
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37 ½ Encounter is a total conversion for Wolfenstein 3D by AstroCreep for the ECWolf source port (Also compatible with LZWolf). It is heavily inspired by the Mac/Jaguar ports of Wolf3D, in particular classic MacWolf scenarios from the mid to late 90's. It uses the "EC_MACWOLF" resource pack as a base, and adds some new features such as new textures, enemies, switched pushwalls/doors and more!


For the 37 1/2 time, BJ has been called in to investigate yet another fantastic and weird Nazi experiment. This time, rumors are that they are combining cat DNA with POWs to make weird psychotic cat creatures. This sounds pretty far fetched, but after the zombie thing, who knows?


To play this mod, you will need the registered version of Wolf3D (cheap af on Steam or GOG) and then either the latest dev version of ECWolf or the latest version of LZWolf

If bought from Steam or GOG, EC/LZWolf should detect the game automatically, however if this does not work or you got the game somewhere else, simply dump the EC/LZWolf files into the same folder as your Wolf3D game files.

To run the mod, simply drag and drop 37_1_2_Encounter.pk3 onto ecwolf.exe/lzwolf.exe, or alternatively run from command line:


The mod is somewhat infamous for containing direct attacks on other community members. While sprites with Officer-Michael John's likeness were removed on request at one point, the Hatsune Miku enemy referred to as "Chokan fuck doll" in actor scripts remains present in the current ModDB download (as of 8.03.2020).


  • New Maps by AstroCreep
  • sprites from Sprite Fix Project by PSTrooper
  • Walls and sounds from Mac version of Wolf3D
  • extra sounds by Clubey and iD Software (Doom)
  • New sprites originally by iD Software, Laz Rojas, and Clubey, modified by AstroCreep
  • Easter Egg sprites by AstroCreep, adapted from material by that1guyfromtheforum
  • all other resources by AstroCreep
  • Mac Style Status Bar by DenisBelmondo
  • Inspired by late 90's MacWolf scenarios


Download 37 ½ Encounter from ModDB

Download Mac OGG Music Pack from ModDB

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