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4th Encounter is an enhanced fork of the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D by Greg Ewing. It has extended editing features compared to the original MacWolf executable.


  • A dialog providing the option of playing a built-in scenario (if any) or opening an external scenario created by WolfEdit.
  • Loading of sound resources is now delayed until the scenario file is open, so that sounds can be included in a scenario file.

To facilitate sharing of art, sounds and music between sets of levels, the engine will search the following files for resources (in order):

  • 0) The scenario file selected by the user (if any)
  • 1) In the same folder as the user-selected scenario file: 1a) "Shapes" 1b) "Sounds" 1c) "Music" 2) In the same folder as the 4thEncounter application:
  • 2a) "Levels"
  • 2b) "Shapes"
  • 2c) "Sounds"
  • 2d) "Music"
  • 3) Finally, the resource fork of the 4thEncounter application. You can use WolfEdit to create all of these files, although currently you'll have to use ResEdit to install sounds or instruments. Levels should be put either in the user-selected scenario file, or in the "Levels" file. If the user selects "Choose Scenario from the opening dialogue, the levels in the chosen file will be loaded, and the search path will start at (0). If the user selects "New Game", the levels from the “Levels“ file will be loaded, and the search path will start at (2). Note that you don't have to split the resources up in this way; you can still put your whole scenario in one file if you want. The search path is simply there for added flexibility.

How to Run[]

Currently you'll need the 2nd Encounter as well, because there are no levels or artwork included with the 4th Encounter, it's just an engine. Put a copy of the 2nd Encounter in the same folder as the 4thEncounter application and rename it ”Shapes“. Then launch 4thEncounter.

To compile your own version from the source, you'll need CodeWarrior Pro 3 or later.

It might be possible to get it to compile under MPW, but you're on your own for that.


4th Encounter page on Greg Ewing’s homepage