60 Adventures is a Wolfenstein 3D mod releaesed by Officer-Michael John in November 2017. Still in beta, it eventually promises 60 maps but currently offers 17 new ones, and the game files hold a significant number of new resources.

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1960. 05. 11. At BJ there is the spear of destiny. General Fettgesicht,two Grosse brother (Hans,Trans) and Adolf Hitler want to get the spear,so that the Nazis become the world at all costs. To reign he must get the spear from BJ. They trap with this method,that he get a fake mission and BJ goes to the Nazi castle,to say the fake mission. They are captured and locked in jail. As we know BJ will be released and recovering the spear. The purpose of the mission:Is to prevent the Nazis from breaking the world. Good Luck BJ!

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