ALIENwolf is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein, made by Mark Fleig. It was released on December 7, 1993.

The mod features 8 levels and takes place in an environment of aliens and outer space. Many new graphics appear, including demonic enemies, technological wall textures and other designs which, considering its age, are of outstanding quality.

The mapping is likewise quite expansive and adventurous for its time, depicting many realistic designs in terms of rooms and hallways.

The mod was available on many Wolfenstein sites starting in the mid-1990's. Later on, a similarly titled set was put together by Colonel Bill which ported the mod to 1.4 and added two new levels, making for a total of 10 levels. This version later replaced Fleig's in numerous mod listings.

A shareware set with only new maps and graphics, it is playable in SDL.

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Download ALIENwolf at DropBox (hosted by Thomas Weiling)

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