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AReyeP's First Add-on is a map set for shareware Wolfenstein. It was made by AReyeP in 1993 (map files date to May that year), but was only brought to wider attention via being released at the Wolfenstein 3D Dome on September 1, 2002.

Originally made for shareware Wolfenstein v1.0, the map set boasts impressive design for its age. Though Spear Resurrection was roughly a decade away at this time, there are still some traces of its mapping style via AReyeP's flair for realistic designs, guard placements and overall room layout of which there were few and far between in 1993.

AReyeP would make another set later that year, Wolf Odyssey.

Overview map of level 3. This castle environment using a multitude of textures, marching guards and well-calculated ceiling light placement were a definite oddity in 1993.

Release history[]

AReyeP, believing the set to be lost, found it by chance on a backup disk in 2002. This is most likely the cause as to why no links or mentions have surfaced of the map set prior to September 1, 2002. On this date, it was posted on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome, dubbed AReyeP's Lost First Add-on.

The set was ported to SDL by Andy Nonymous on February 28, 2013. For this release, it was upgraded to shareware Wolfenstein v1.4 rather than v1.0.

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