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A Doll's House currently has 18 Episodes in the SDL version. There is also an Android version, and the first 5-8 Episodes were for Dos originally. 


Episode 1: A Doll's House
Episode 2: Ghosts
Episode 3: The Master Builder
Episode 4: Ghost Tower
Episode 5: Ghosts Special
Episode 6: Ghosts Special II
Episode 7: Ghosts Special III
Episode 8: When We Dead Awaken
Episode 9: When We Dead Awaken II
Episode 10: When We Dead Awaken III
Episode 11: The Wild Duck
Episode 12: The Lady From the Sea
Episode 13: The Wild Duck Xtra
Episode 14: The Lady From the Sea Xtra
Episode 15: The Lady From the Sea Special
Episode 16: The Lady From the Sea De Luxe
Episode 17: When We Dead Awaken SPECIAL
Episode 18: A TROLL'S HOUSE

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