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A World of Rage is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Joshua Waight. It was released on September 13, 2006. Set in modern day Romania, it presents a country in turmoil with supernatural elements behind the plot.

It features a number of changed graphics, with some being from Tekkoudan and others brand new. 8 levels are featured, mainly small in size but of good quality.

As with a number of Waight's other mods, the mod was based on Wolfenstein Collection.


The year is 2008, and the country of Romania is lost in bloodshed. 3 months past, and the small band of thugs somehow destroy the country's government. The thugs establish themselves as the new leaders of Romania, ruling the country with a Fascist governement that spills blood to make the innocent remember the vicious are in charge. The leader to this government is a count who calls himself The Dragon's Son.

The bloodshed spreads all over Europe, and even beneath it, into a long forgotten Underground Kingdom of Elvans. A young girl of the Elvans turned 17 the day the invaders came to her Kingdom and killed many, including her father. Many decades ago, her father was a great warrior in the Kingdom. He gave his daughter his sword the day he was wounded by one of the dangerous creatures of the Kingdom.

The girl, Dala, gets her father's sword and cuts down those who murdered her father in cold blood. She journeys to Romania, to stop the bloodshed, to kill The Dragon's Son, to give this newly formed World Of Rage exactly what it deserves, an end. As Dala sneaked into the tunnels beneath the count's castle, a single thought goes through her head: Who or what is this count really? 

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