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Abandon 2020 is a project for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released on April 13, 2020.

Essentially a cleaned-up version of 2004's Abandon, with the addition of most of the levels that did not make the cut but eventually turned up in 2006's Abandon v0.0, the set fixes some of the map errors from the 2004 original that often made gameplay difficult.

All 60 levels have been tinkered with in some fashion. Mainly the errors with floor codes and guard placement have been fixed, and additional pickup items have been added. A handful of designs have also been altered, but the bulk of the original 2004 levels are still very much in place. No new levels were made for the set.

Graphics and sounds have been restored to the original Wolfenstein 3D atmosphere, as this was the original approach. The original storyline and map design was also based on the idea of seamless level flow, though this was not implemented in 2004.

Whereas Brian Lowe was responsible for the 2004 original's coding (in addition to map supervision where Lowe added health and ammo in critical situation and cleaned up some guard placements), Abandon 2020 instead uses an EXE made by AlumiuN which has been used first for Frantic Passages, and expanded with the release of KowTow.

Bugs and patches[]

Though tested over the course of eight hours through and through, numerous bugs still appeared in the April 13 release. A vital error was the end elevator on level 30 not being accessible. As this was lifted straight from the old Abandon which featured episodic flow, the error went unnoticed until a proper revision appeared on April 23, 2020 which also featured a handful of ever-present objects-in-walls bugs and VSWAP features.

As the original Abandon was made in MapEdit 4.2, and this was Thomas' first effort, numerous objects may still appear inside walls. Treasure items should - hopefully - not appear within walls or in any way inaccessible to the player, making proper 100 % ratios possible.

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