Abandon v0.0 is a map set made by Thomas Weiling. It was released in February 2006 though being made in September and October, 2004. It featured some of the earliest surviving maps made by Thomas, and was the kickoff for what was released as Abandon in December 2004.

Episode 1 features all 10 levels, and Episode 2 features just the opening level. In the original running of the map set, the open nature of many of the levels caused the EXE to crash, and sometimes the utilization of too many objects or actors caused the EXE to crash. At this time, Thomas was unfamiliar with these restraints and decided to delete the maps entirely rather than redo them with less actors or objects. As such, what eventually was released as Abandon in December 2004 features only one level in Episode 1.

The usage of beds, stoves, utensils, sinks and various landscape area wall textures were meant as a showcase of sorts for sprites and walls not being given enough space in other mods, according to Thomas.

Inspiration was found in Temporary Insanity, Clone Wars and Chokage 96, some of the earliest sets containing experimental mapping while remaining unchanged in the graphics department.

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Download Abandon v0.0 at The Wolfenstein 3D Dome

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