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Amohs Awamuras was a TC being worked on by JackaL from late 2004 to 2006. It featured popular code changes of the time, such as textured floors and ceilings, outdoor environments, a new color palette, and additional custom enemy and weapon types. Many of the screenshots shown bear resemblance to (and use some wall textures from) Spear Resurrection or End of Destiny, a style which was notoriously mimicked at the time.

Aside from a Moddb page, two Diehard Wolfers threads, and a segment of JackaL's Freeweb page dedicated to the mod, there were no releases. After 2006 the mod went quiet and no new updates have emerged since.


The initial writeup for the story, before the mod was named, on Diehard Wolfers reads as follows:

Allied spies report in: The Nazis have discovered a large source of a new versatile material which can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. With a lot of testing and experimentation they have thought of a way to use it to their advantage, by loading it in a special weapon which will be able to keep it safe until fired, thats when its released as a blue wave of plasma, which can kill up to 5 human men in one wave. The final blueprints are complete and are being held in Castle Titanein until the next day, when they will be taken to a weapon manufacturing plant. Every Nazi soldier will be armed with one, and therefore will be able to crush the allied soldiers. So their sending B.J. to steal the blueprints and bring them back.

The proposed story, after a rewrite in April of 2005, on Moddb reads as follows:

You play B.J Blazkowicz, the allies most respected agent, known for capturing the Spear of Destiny just months ago. B.J is a legend, speciallizing in one-man missions and all types of weaponary...

Months after B.J had captured the Spear of Destiny from the Nazis, and recovered fully, he was called by his new commander, Rick Wing, to have an important talk with him...

B.J stepped into Rick's office, Rick spun his chair and faced B.J.

"B.J, everybody knows how great you are. I mean, you captured the Spear from a fully guarded castle, which to most people, is a straight up death wish. The odds were against you, ten thousand to one, but you pulled through. Your incredible! And you have proved your the best soldier america has to offer." Rick said

"Thanks greatly commander, at times even I had doubted I would make it through alive." B.J replied

Rick got out of his chair and glanced out the window, "We have sent many of our finest soldiers to do this mission, but they are just so bloody useless!" Rick shook his head in frustration.

"I may be able to help, which is what I gathered, is the reason you have called me here." B.J answered

"Yes! Exactly! You will do this mission for us!" Rick said

"But what exactly is this mission all about? What are my objectives?" B.J asked

Rick began to walk around the room, he cleared his throat.

"Allied spies, have reported that the Nazis have the plans to an experimental weapon designed by Hitler's cheif designer, Hermrich Farrel. A weapon of so much power, enough to wipe out at least 10 human soldiers in one shot!"

"Tell me more about this weapon." B.J interrupted

"Allow me to continue? From the top. A trusted top ranking soldier of Hitler, General Titanein, discovered in the soil around Berlin, a material which he conducted various experiments on it. It is of great power and versatillity, and is compressable. With Hermrich Farrel, they set to designing a weapon which could use this material for the good of Hitler, and because this material is common in the area, getting ammo for the weapon would be simple and cheap. Like I said before, this weapon has enough power to kill at least ten men in one shot, and if it is manufactured and equipped to every Nazi soldier, they will have the power to crush the allies so easily. Once fired, the weapon fires out the compressed material in a blue and yellow plasma form,on contact with an object, it explodes into a five meter radius explosion, the plasma fired from the weapon is also wide spread so it could reach around fifteen men at once. This weapon has been given the name,'Amohs Awamuras'. They have finished the final blueprints and they are being held at Castle Titanein, where the research has been being conducted. Your mission is to enter this castle, kill the Nazi soldiers, and the leaders of the castle, and capture the blueprints. It will be just like when you captured the Spear of Destiny, but much harder... Yes, think of it as if your re-capturing the Spear all over again."

"Great, just what I really want to do." B.J said, being sarcastic

Rick walked towards the door, "Good luck B.J! Your going to need it!"

Despite this, in September of 2005 JackaL made the following announcement on the mod's Moddb page:

I'm going to change the storyline a bit as I'm revolving the story around a different character. Amohs Awamuras will take place just before Wolfenstein, kind of in the middle of Spear and Wolf. Theres so many mods based on BJ so I'm going to have a new charecter!

Since no further updates were made, this is all that is known of the mod's storyline.


The following are the work-in-progress screenshots JackaL provided through Moddb: