For a long time, Andy Nonymous was the Wolfenstein 3D community's chief archivist. Andy kept track on numerous mods and patches, and assisted Brian Lowe early on in porting some sets that could not run properly on newer machines, e.g. from version 1.1 to version 1.4.

Andy was also handy with a compiler, and assisted other modders in addition to making his own. Most noteworthy were the mods he released based on the MAC version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Andy was responsible for porting numerous older Wolfenstein mods, including all mods by John Bucksnort and family, as well as some of Thomas Weiling's mods. After Brian Lowe retired in late 2013, Andy was also responsible for carrying out his own Wolfenstein 3D news feed with news about projects, old and new, in addition to general news about the goings on in the Wolfenstein 3D community.

Andy took a leave of absence on February 17, 2015. He has sadly not been heard from since.

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