Armageddon is the fifth mod released by Barry Christian. Released on June 12, 1999, it features seamless levels, changed music and new graphics. The ability to get four keys is added as well.

For its time, the mod featured impressive changes, including the showing of all four keys on the status bar and a smoother transition upon reaching levels beyond level 10.

As with so many other of Christian's projects, this mod features 60 levels broken into different parts. One particular noteworthy level was level 9, which featured a large maze where BJ must escape mega spiders (which replaced Pac-Man ghosts) in order to complete the level.

Mapping show overall steady progression as compared to Barry's earlier efforts, with smoother, thematically appropriate layouts (although the "Pipeline" section is taken perhaps a tad too literally) and cutting down on superfluous treasure.

An SDL port was released on August 3, 2013.

A 4GW port was released on December 13, 2016 by Officer-Michael John.

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