Armageddon 2 is, presumably, an attempt at procuring a sequel to Barry Christian's famous Armageddon. Released late 2018 by Officer-Michael John, it has five new maps alongside with a swathe of new audiovisual resources and some coding changes. Includes source code.

Story Edit

Intro Edit

1978. may 11. Nazis created an attempt,that they can use conversion on them and they become stronger. This should to stop for BJ,that they can't use for evil plans. Good Luck BJ!

Outro Edit

BJ stopped the computers,that nazis can't set things and it worked. He could do the newer mission too. He can enjoy again freedom.

Credits Edit

  • -Barry Christian:Armaggedon mod idea
  • -Chris Chokan:Code helps
  • -WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Graphics,sounds
  • -ID Software:Wolf 3D/SOD data files,source code
  • -Apogee Software:Some Blake Stone music
  • -FormGen:Graphics
  • -Other modders:Graphics,sounds,musics,code helps

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