Armor of Acheron: Zero is an unreleased mod by HydraLancer. First info and screenshots of the project were posted on 14th October of 2006 on DieHard Wolfers. According the author the project started as mod for MacWolf in 2003 and got revamped for the DOS version 2 years later. The project was rebranded with the Quake engine into NeoBlazer some years down the the road but it wouldn't see any release either. It resurfaced in early 2012 with the name RetroBlazer, a working alpha version and a more furry based sci-fi theme running on the DarkPlaces engine port of Quake. In 2015 RetroBlazer would try to get $110,000 funded for the full version via Kickstarter but due to lack of publicity it only ended up reaching $4,483. As of 2019 there haven't been any news regarding a full version.

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