Assault on Germany is a Wolfenstein 3D mod released in August 2004 by Richter Belmont, then known as

Kyo Kusanagi. The mod introduces significant audiovisual changes and some coding changes, including new demos and Fettgesicht cosplaying as Angel of Death. Assault on Germany promises 60 new maps, however the great majority of these levels are actually untouched or slightly modified originals. The full release was preceded several days earlier by a single episode demo version.

Episode 1 map list Edit

  • 1:Outside
  • 2-3:Approach
  • 4:Streets of Germany Part1
  • 5:Nazi HQ East Wing
  • 6:Nazi HQ West Wing
  • 7:Streets of Germany Part2
  • 8:Office Building
  • 9:Fanz Home

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