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10 new and challenging vanilla-themed levels, with a few additions such as 2 new weapons, SOD actors, environmental hazards, new music, and more. Requires Wolfenstein 3D and the latest dev version of ECWolf.


Adolf Hitler has stolen your favorite bottle of hot sauce and locked it deep in the bowels of Castle Furzsaugen. This hot sauce is far too delicious and spicy for the unrefined Nazi palate, so it is up to you to brave the tricks and traps of this odd smelling castle and get back that hot sauce!

Music List[]

  • Apogee Fanfare from Duke Nukem II
  • Title - original IMF song by AstroCreep
  • Helpart - "Echoes" by Pink Floyd
  • Level 1 - "HESBACKA.IMF" from Duke Nukem II
  • Level 2 - Tetris, Music A (NES version)
  • Level 3 - original IMF song by AstroCreep
  • Level 4 - Stage 2 from Double Dragon 2
  • Level 5 - "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter Group
  • Level 6 - "HEAVY1A.imf" from Operation: Body Count
  • Level 7 - original IMF song by AstroCreep
  • Level 8 - "Reptile" by Nine Inch Nails
  • Level 9 - original IMF song by AstroCreep
  • Level 10 - "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco

Demolition Mod[]

The Demolition mod for Spicy is already available. LinuxWolf has prepared some videos showcasing the mod:


Spicy Demolition Wolf3D Part 1


Spicy Demolition Wolf3D Part 2


Spicy Demolition Wolf3D Part 3


Spicy Demolition Wolf3D Part 4


Spicy Demolition Wolf3D Part 5

Additional Credits[]