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Astrostein is a scenario for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D created by Laz Rojas. It has inspired countless mods, sequels, and spin-offs, including 2 official sequels, the popular WolfenDOOM mod, and Astrostein: Spifferaneous Edition. It was originally marketed and sold by WolfAddict Software before eventually becoming freeware.


After your failure to destroy a time portal discovered by the Nazis in Egypt,you wake up to find out it's no longer 1943, but 2043! Following your capture, you were placed in suspended animation, and the Nazis used the portal to bring back advanced weapons and technology from the future and easily won World War II. Now, a century later, the Nazis not only rule earth, they're extending their reign of terror across the solar system, and you've been revived and placed aboard a spaceship for transport to a penal colony in the asteroid belt. You have absolutely no idea how to get back to your own time, but one thing's for sure -- you've got to get off this ship somehow and get back to earth!



Astrostein- Special Edition Floor 1-1


Astrostein (Wolfenstein 3D) -Part 1- - Mac Mods


For almost 20 years, this mod was unplayable for PC users, since it was developed for the Mac version of Wolf3D. As of 2015, the development build of ECWolf has limited MacWolf support, enough to make most Mac mods playable if the proper resources are provided. In 2015, AstroCreep put together a fix that allows Astrostein to be played with the PC base files with ECWolf, finally making the mod available to pc users. In 2018, AstroCreep released an updated version with sprites from WolfenDOOM, new weapons, breakable scenery and more.

As of 2020, Astrostein was ported to MacenWolf with arguably more precision and loyalty to the original than the previous port by AstroCreep.