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[[Category:Total conversions]]
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A direct sequel to the original Astrostein, this mod by Laz Rojas features 10 more futuristic levels, this time set on a Nazi moon base.  It was originally marketed and sold by WolfAddict Softwarebefore eventually becoming freeware. Followed up shortly after by Astrostein 3.


You've managed to make it to the Nazi moonbase in the shuttle you stole, but as soon as you step out into the landing bay, you're immediately surrounded! Apparently, someone still left alive aboard the ship you escaped from radioed ahead and warned them you were coming. Your only hope of surviving is to stow away aboard a cargo ship bound for earth, but before you can do that, you've got to fight your way through the entire base.


ECWolf Port

For almost 20 years, this mod was unplayable for PC users. As of 2015, ECWolf has limited support for MacWolf scenarios. Using this ability, AstroCreep ported Astrostein 2 to ECWolf, using the base PC files rather than the Mac files. This finally allowed PC users to enjoy this mod. This requires the latest dev version of ECWolf and the registered version of Wolf3D.


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