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The final installment to the Astrostein trilogy, this mod by Laz Rojas features 10 more levels, this time taking place in 2043 Berlin, with BJ infiltrating Hitler's stronghold and finally putting an end to the Nazis' 100 year reign. It was originally marketed and sold by WolfAddict Software before eventually becoming freeware.

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After managing to stow away on the cargo ship, you arrive on Earth -- and as luck would have it, you land at an installation right on the outskirts of the 21st Century Berlin. Determined to take this fight all the way to the top, you set out in search of Nazi headquarters to kill the cyborg Hitler who still rules Germany, and all of Earth. But here on their home turf, the Nazis aren't about to play games with someone who's already slipped through their fingers twice. 

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For almost 20 years, this mod was unplayable by PC users. As of 2015, ECWolf has limited MacWolf support. Using this ability, AstroCreep made a fix that allows this mod to be loaded using the PC base files rather than the Mac files. It requires the registered version of Wolf3D and the latest dev build of ECWolf to run.

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