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[[File:THE AWAKENING A Wolfenstein 3D Abomination|thumb|330x330px]]
== Credits ==
== Credits ==

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Description Edit

BJ has stumbled upon a dark ritual being carried out, a ritual that will summon an ancient elder god, the likes of which humanity has never seen. Do you dare face the terror that awaits?


THE AWAKENING A Wolfenstein 3D Abomination

THE AWAKENING A Wolfenstein 3D Abomination

Credits Edit

Sprites - AstroCreep (base sprites from Super 3D Noah’s Ark, Corridor 7, Blake Stone and Dangerous Dave)

Sounds - AstroCreep, Corridor 7, Super 3D Noah’s Ark

Music - Officer-Michael John

Links Edit

DHW forum post [1]

Download [2]

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