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Barnacle "Bill" Wilhelm is the second boss in Spear of Destiny and the boss of the Dungeon area.


Fighting Barnacle Wilhelm is very similar to fighting General Fettgesicht due to both of them using a chaingun/rocket launcher combo. The main difference is that Wilhelm is much faster than Fettgesicht and so it is imperative that the player keep their distance and pay attention to how much room they have to retreat. Wilhelm also has a slight hitpoint boost over Fettgesicht making him more durable.

Much like the fight with Fettgesicht in E6M9, the battle with Wilhelm in Map10 is lousy with enemies and blobby in shape, providing for many distractions and requiring that the player pays close attention to their surroundings.

Unlike Fettgesicht, defeating Barnacle Wilhelm does not trigger a game end event, but the gold key he drops leads to an immediate end of the map on Map10, so whatever ammo or health is left over after the battle will be carried over into Map11.

Official Hint Book Description[]

Art for Wilhelm by Adrian Carmack as shown in the Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book

From The Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book:

This salt dog barks a missile launcher/chaingun welcome from his weathered fists. Don't rub his fur the wrong way! The combination of fast attack and long range devastation makes Barnacle difficult to defeat.


ECWolf DECORATE Definition[]

actor Wilhelm : WolfensteinMonster 25
    points 5000
    health 950, 1050, 1150, 1300
    speed 1, 4
    missilefrequency 0.04
    seesound "will/sight"
    deathsound "will/death"
    attacksound "will/attack"
    dropitem "GoldKey"
            WILL A -1 NOP A_Look(0, 0, 0, 0, 360)
            WILL A 5 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            WILL A 1.5
            WILL B 4 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            WILL C 5 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            WILL C 1.5
            WILL D 4 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            WILL E 15 A_FaceTarget
            WILL F 5 bright A_FaceTarget
            WILL G 0 bright A_FaceTarget
            WILL G 5 bright A_CustomMissile("Rocket")
            WILL HGH 5 bright A_WolfAttack
            WILL H 0 bright A_WolfAttack
            goto See
            WILL A .5 A_Fall
            WILL A 35 A_Scream
            WILL IJK 5
            WILL L -1