Barneystein 3-D is a scenario for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D by yyr, based on the PC graphic modification of the same name. It features all new graphics, sounds and 32 levels. It was originally marketed and sold by WolfAddict Software before eventually becoming freeware.

Description Edit

This is it: the epitome of evil. Barney the purple dinosaur is here, and he's recruited Beavis and Butt-Head to do his evil bidding. Hopefully you can survive the carnage long enough to crash Barney's Mac, blow up his Breeding Chambers, take on the two headed Butt-Beavises in the Lab and eventually take on MechaBarney! Multiple paths test your skill and 32 challenging levels test your patience. Requires Third Encounter or the commercial edition of Wolfenstein 3D. (Should work with Second Encounter, but unsupported)

Links Edit

Download Barneystein 3-D from yyr’s Page of Wolfenstein Insanity

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