Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition is a tribute project by the Wolfenstein community, dedicated to a notable Wolfenstein 3D modder, John Bucksnort, who passed away in the previous year. It was released in December 2002. Coordinated by BrotherTank and Schabbs, the mod represents a significant community effort and includes 21 maps from fifteen mappers as well as various code changes and graphic contributions.

Credits[edit | edit source]

According to the readme file:

  • Storyline & Mutant Graphics: AReyeP

List of maps[edit | edit source]

Map number Map author
2 BrotherTank
3 AReyeP
4 Bobby Bucksnort
5 Daniel Walley
6 Bobby Bucksnort
7 Schabbs
8 Arielus
9 Schabbs
10 Parafriction
11 James Ingham
12 Jack Ryerson
13 Arielus
14 Bobby Bucksnort
15 Harry Sr
16 Selong Chiang
17 Martin Krysiak
18 BrotherTank/


19 Kyle Fisher
20 Poet
21 AReyeP

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