Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition - Anniversary Edition 2002-2012 (BMSEAE in short) is a special edition of the 2002 tribute set, Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition, dedicated to the famous Mutant Maker, John Bucksnort.

Perhaps the most diverse Wolfenstein map set in existence, BMSEAE features 19 maps from eighteen different mappers as well as certain code and graphic changes. Level 19 is accessed via a secret elevator from level 17.

Credits Edit

According to the Read Me, credits for the 2012 edition are as follows:

Map list Edit

Map number Map author
1 Arielus
2 Codetech84
3 Adam Biser
4 serpens
5 Hair Machine
6 Schabbs
7 ack
8 Wolf Skevos-Jones
9 Ipank7000
10 Harry Mass Senior
11 Daniel 'Soulblighter' Walley
12 Lakota Bucksnort
13 AReyeP
14 Dean
15 Thomas
16 Bobby Bucksnort
17 Poet
18 ronwolf1705
19 Poet

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