Beyond Wolfenstein 2 SE (Special Edition) is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Nate Smith. It was released on November 30, 1999.

It featured many coding changes for a mod made before the 21st century, including numerous new weapons with separate ammo, changed difficulties (HP) for guards and colored floors that evoked an outside atmosphere.

Many new texture tiles were also added, with some anticipating (though unimplemented) textured floors and ceilings. Armor was also added along with a backpack, an end level object and some guards dropping their respective weapons rather than clips in addition to blood.

Prisoners (BJ lookalikes) could be shot, though this causes the player to lose points. In a sense this predates the hostage extra missions of Raycast mods by more than a decade.

Several episodes were playable, but ultimately only the first three episodes can be seen as being complete. Level quality is generally quite good.

This mod was found on countless download sites and CD-ROM's. After it got the attention of Todd Hollenshead of id Software, it was withdrawn from online circulation on February 3, 2001 along with the two other mods in the series.

Nate Smith left the scene sometime after this debacle, though many of this mod's features anticipated what would later be explored by Wolf Skevos-Jones and AReyeP/MCS in some of the most groundbreaking mods of all time.

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