This page details the sections of Brandon's website (now defunct).

Brandon's Source Code Help Center Edit

Brandon's Source Code Help Center is a now-defunct Wolfenstein 3D websites created by Brandon, mostly dealing with help with compiling Wolf3D source code. Who woulda thunk it? The website offers specific compiling instructions as well as the requisite downloads, some troubleshooting questions, message boards and a small number of links.

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Brandon's Wolfenstein 3D Page of Cheats Edit

Brandon's Wolfenstein 3D Page of Cheats Hints and Stuff is exactly what it says on the tin. Created by Brandon but now defunct, it deals with a considerable number of topics, from cheats and hints through mods and downloads up to maps for every registered Wolfenstein 3D level. Are you strong enough?

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Brandon's Utility Edit

And this page provides all necessary information on Brandon's Utility - a Wolfenstein 3D tool that, among other things, allowed the user to easily switch between mods while still using a single folder for everything.

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