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CIGWolf (also titled CIG Wolfenstein) is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by AReyeP. Initially circulating within the confines of AReyeP's colleagues starting in October 1994, it was released to a wider audience only nine years after its initial release in October 2003, but was quickly withdrawn due to possible legal issues.


AReyeP put the mod together in 1994, and it was initially only shared with his co-workers and other employees at the CIG Facility in Preston, which is also where the mod takes place. CIG was a manufacturer of piping systems and components. According to AReyeP, Wolfenstein 3D was massively popular among the employees, making the internally circulated mod an instant hit. A long storyline is included in the download.

For 1994, the mod features a pretty solid set of new graphics. Some of these would later resurface in WolfenDOOM and Spear Resurrection. The clones from Spear Resurrection were featured here as guards, and one of them is even driving a forklift. Other enemies include drones and hydrogen cylinders.

New maps are featured on all episodes. Episode 1 includes 6 new levels (one of which is a secret level), and this is repeated on Episode 2. Episode 3 features 10 full levels (one of which is a secret level). Episode 4 features 6 new levels, with a flow similar to the first two episodes. Episode 5 features two new levels and Episode 6 features one new level; though these two final episodes are more free-form and experimental, and most likely not planned/viewed as being part of the set as such. A number of these maps would be the base of the WolfenDOOM levels, which was a project that AReyeP was already in the beginning stages of by the time of CIGWolf's release.


CIGWolf was briefly available on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome on the eve of its ninth anniversary in October 2003, after much interest in AReyeP's work with Spear Resurrection's everlasting success and the attention drawn to the then-nascent End of Destiny. It was withdrawn shortly after.

In May 2022, AReyeP approved the re-release of CIGWolf. The set only includes changes to the map files and the VSWAP and it is thus a port-friendly set.

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