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Cartosa Lives! is the July 2004 sequel to The Legacy of Kevin Cartosa by Rocketboy680.


After the events of The Legacy of Kevin Cartosa, the occult portion of General Cartosa's cabal led by the disfigured Commander Burfley set to work reclaiming Cartosa's island base. Their goal: to shatter the wall between the living world and the dead underworld so they could bring Cartosa back to life. Now understood to have been correct about Cartosa, BJ has the full support of the allied forces and is sent back to the island to ensure Cartosa never returns to the living world.


Author Editorial[]

The mod also used plenty of very shamelessly ripped off sprites and wall textures from various WSJ and ISJ mods as well as Spiffaraneous's Astrostein and AReyeP mods such as Spear Resurrection and WolfenDOOM.

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