Castle Hasselhoff is the fourth mod released by Michael Collin. Initially announced in October 2005, the mod was finally released on February 21, 2007 and featured a heavily coded EXE based on registered Wolfenstein.

A lot of graphics, sounds and themes are inspired by American actor David Hasselhoff. As with most of Collin's mods, it is part humor, part violence. 20 levels are featured, and mapping is generally of high quality.


On October 4, 2005 a number of screenshots were posted. Again in January 2006, a different set of shots were produced, here showcasing the motorbike that had recently been coded into the EXE.

Collaborating on Nazi Operation, Michael Collin also sent some early drafts to Thomas Weiling who was very impressed. These early drafts featured a handful of features and graphics not present in the final 2007 release.

It is still only available in the DOS format.

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