The enemies are the main oppositional force in Wolfenstein 3D. Evading, ambushing, or rushing enemies makes up the primarily challenge of the games.

Starting Hitpoints and Spawns Edit

The HP of dogs and human enemies does not change between difficulties. Bosses and mutants, on the other hand, have increased HP at higher difficulties. The column "Static HP" in the below table indicates which enemies have fixed HP across all available difficulties.

Enemy Baby Easy Normal Hard Static HP
Guard 25 25 25 25 Yes
SS 100 100 100 100 Yes
Dog 1 1 1 1 Yes
Officer 50 50 50 50 Yes
Mutant 45 55 55 65 No
Hans 850 950 1050 1200 No
Schabbs 850 950 1550 2400


Mecha Hitler 850 950 1550 2400


Adolf Hitler 500 700 800 900


Regular enemies will generally spawn in greater numbers if a higher difficulty is chosen. However Easy difficulty mode will not spawn more regular enemies than Baby difficulty mode.

Directional and Uni-directional Spawning and Stand/Patrol Mode Edit

Bosses will always spawn facing the player (they automatically rotate no matter which direction the player approaches them). Regular enemies will spawn only in a specific direction and cannot sight the player if approached from behind.

Regular enemies, except dogs, may spawn in either a standing state or patrolling state. Dogs can only spawn in patrol mode (there is no such thing as a standing Dog).

Ambush Mode Edit

Regular enemies, except Dogs, may choose to spawn in Ambush mode - this is the level designer's call. Ambush mode means an enemy cannot be alerted by weapon noise and will instead wait for direct line of sight before engaging the player. Bosses will spawn in Ambush mode regardless.

ECWolf Base DECORATE Definition Edit

actor WolfensteinMonster
    missilefrequency 0.08
    minmissilechance 256
    height 64
    radius 42
    painchance 256
    meleerange 42

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