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The ATAW3D Level 69 Poem (by Mr. WolfForever)[]

It's got Doom, it's got Duke, it's got Commander Keen

And many other things to be seen

To reach it you've got a long line  

For it is in slot number sixty nine    

As you listen to an awesome music track  

There is a puzzle that you must crack  

Full of homages to the original maps  

This level is packed with tricks and traps    

Split the design of the map in two  And you'll feel lots of of deja vu  If one demands some scoring pleasure  Then search for items of great treasure 

Be sure to watch how you and the game behave  Because when you're timed, you cannot save  Thus constant attention must be your aim  And don't think about trying to leave the game 

Paced at the rate in which your time will fly  The track's a remix of a song that ends with guy  If the music starts repeating its early tune  You know the timer will run out soon 

Made by an author whose name is Chris  His talent, when he's not here, is something we miss  With everything cool on display to hear and see  It is, quite literally, All This and Wolf3D!


All This and Wolf3d Level 69 (Played on Hard!)

Addition by Serpens[]

Oh precious level 

So intricate and sublime 

As Nature itself

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