Christmas Day is a Christmas-themed Wolfenstein 3D mod released 21 December 2017 by Officer-Michael John. It includes twelve new levels augmented by numerous coding features, new graphics and music. Includes source code.

Version history Edit

The beta version was released a full two years earlier and only included six new maps; in comparison, the full release featured changes across the board, including .ogg music. A small patch with updated maps was released soon afterwards.

Story Edit

2016. december 24. BJ went back to he's country,but he saw,that nazis did bad with Christmas. So he do all for good.

Credits Edit

  • Sprites, sounds, ideas: Bob and Adrienne
  • Sprites, ideas: Ringman
  • Ideas: Reactor
  • Sprites, sounds, source code helps, etc: Other Wolfers (E.G:WSJ,Chris Chokan,etc.)
  • Capstone: some sprites
  • Areyep & MCS: sprites, walls
  • NTGames (TheKKKNo2 aka kkk911XD):ideas

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