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Codename: Death was an unnamed ECWolf project being worked on by Dunkelschwamm from the end of 2018 through parts of 2019. It was full of gimmicks intended to test the capabilities of ECWolf, such as: tall sprites, high resolution graphics, and entirely new weapons and enemies. It also revolved around the gimmick of being entirely hand-drawn (similar to Drawn and Quartered), with sprites and other various graphics being put together from scans of drawings Dunkelschwamm made at his job at the time as a group home counselor. After he resigned the job in late 2019, Dunkelschwamm soon cancelled the project.

The concept[]

The mod would revolve around a mage traveling through various realms to defeat the demonic warlords who have conquered them, freeing the universe from the grips of evil.

Instead of attacking using weapons, the player would instead use a recharging magic missile attack, similar to Catacomb 3-D. By obtaining medallions throughout the game, the player could use additional spells which acted much more similarly like traditional pick-up weapons with exhaustible ammo. In every level there would be a series of particularly difficult secrets that would reveal a hideout for an evil mage who would use the player's standard magic missile attack. By defeating the evil mage, the player would collect medallions that slightly upgrade the magic missile attack. Over time, by stacking these upgrades throughout the game the main attack would become extremely powerful.

Other ideas for the TC[]

  • An invincible demon enemy that would slowly follow the player throughout an entire episode and kill the player in a single hit, forcing the player to avoid situations that may back them into a corner.

    Example of "sparkling treasure"

  • An eldrich squid boss composed of several actors.
  • A level made of living flesh from which appendages would grow to attack the player.
  • Treasure chests containing items.
  • Several unique enemies introduced in every level.
  • Enemies with randomized appearances.

Released Content[]

With the project cancelled, Dunkelschwamm released all of the resources as well as the unfinished PK3 in a zip that can be found in the external links.

Some of the scans[]


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