Coffee Break Episode 2: The Village Volk was released by Executor on May 28, 2016 with ten new levels, three new enemies (+2 secret ones), otherwise it's more of the same from the first episode.

Story (From ZDF)[edit | edit source]

After "B.J. BLAZKOWICZ" escape CASTLE HASSELHOFF with WAR PLAN, give to ALLIES to reveal NAZIS' next move.

HIGH COMMAND has find out location of SUPER SECRET meeting of NAZI GENERALS. GENERALS are gather in village of DEPPENDORF to discussed unknown NAZI PROJECT.

"B.J. BLAZKOWICZ" you are infiltrate DEPPENDORF village to assassinate GENERALS and discover detail of NAZI PROJECT before it succeed, for GREAT JUSTICE.

Levels[edit | edit source]

  1. Return to Groverhaus
  2. An Adept Arranging for Mother
  3. A Yoke of Boxen
  4. Inherited Bowel Levitation
  5. Grosse Indecency
  6. Tormented by Butterflies
  7. The Girl of My Sigh
  8. Acid Trip in Legoland
  9. Grains in Her Face
  10. Dead Reckoning (Secret Level)

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