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== External links ==
== External links ==
* [ The Coming of Death] on ModDB
* Download: [ Mediafire] [ Dropbox]
[[Category:2018 mods]]
[[Category:2018 mods]]

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The Coming of Death is a shareware Wolfenstein 3D mod by Officer-Michael John. Other than ten new maps, it contains coding changes (largely hex edits) and a number of new graphics. It uses Shareware Wolf 3D in what you can find story in Read This! with credits.


1962 October 23. Michael American (BJ's SS soldier) heard,that some nazi soldier live yet. So he need to go for they's place. But He saw ghost dogs too. He thinked,these will be harders. Good luck Michael.


  • WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Some graphic,Mauser sound
  • Chris Chokan:Hex edits helps
  • ID Software:Graphics,sounds,musics
  • Formgen:Graphics,sounds
  • Other modders:Some graphic

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