Commiestein 3-D is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Brendan Gordon. Released in either late 1998 or early-to-mid-1999 (most recent timestamps are dated April that year), the mod needs Chokage in order to play.

Though most Chokage-related mods usually has a humorous or bizarre storyline, Commiestein 3-D has a detailed storyline displayed at the beginning of the mod, which mentions a third world war in which the Chinese and the Russians are in cahoots; reminiscent of Red Alert, Russian Front Kreml 3D and even Juchestein 3D.

Though 4 episodes are mentioned, each with their own objective, only 1 episode was finished, featuring 10 levels. Many new graphics appear, though most of them only differ slightly from their original counterpart.

Mapping, though basic and rather large in size but not extensively detailed, is adequate.

Some of the changed graphics feature Chinese/Russian communism artwork.

Commiestein 3-D was never posted nor mentioned on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome and languished for a long time on archived Chokage sites, where the author sometimes is listed as Brian Gordon.

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