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Countdown to Disaster is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Gary Ragland. It was released on April 23, 2002. It was his last mod for twelve years.

The mod features a storyline based on original Wolfenstein 3D's Episode 6, and features Fatface as the final boss. Level design is reminiscent of that of Gary's in Episode Four, and is more spacious and streamlined than the compact, hectic mapping designs of Schabbs 2000 and Assassinate Hitler.

Levels 1-13 were standard levels, with level 14 being the boss level. Levels 15 & 16 were secret levels.

Some sprites were replaced to accommodate the fact that the mod featured 4 keys; the other gold and silver keys can be distinguished by their black edge.

Some textures were imported from Spear of Destiny, and the stained glass swastika from The Lost Episodes was also used in the mod. A texture first seen in Schabbs 2000, the checkered marble, also featured.

It was released containing MAP- and OBJDATA files, making the mod easy to modify via the MapEdit tool. One such mod to use this set of files was Possum Trot's Abandon 2: Purgatory! which was released without Gary's permission in March 2005.

An SDL port was released on July 3, 2013. It was ported by Andy Nonymous and beta tested by Thomas Weiling.

The SDL release featured all files. Original DOS releases from the Dome and other sites only contained the maps and graphics files and the EXE.

This was also ported to ECWolf by Executor.

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