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* [ DHW release thread]
* [ DHW release thread]
* [ DHW development thread]
* [ DHW development thread]
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The DHW Totengräber Map Set is a community effort set of maps for one of the most popular Wolfenstein 3D mods, Project Totengräber.

Though the mod had its source code and editor files available since at least 2002, no community effort had taken advantage of this before this project. Initiated sometime in 2015, the project finally got off the ground in 2016 with AlumiuN readying an editor's kit the same way he had done for the Map of the Month contests.

The released set features 21 levels made by a host of different authors:

Level Level name Author
1 Dungeon Cloister Dunkelschwamm
2 Been Awhile ack
3 The Underworld Wolf3DGuy
4 Midas Tirith AlumiuN
5 Officer's Quarters Dunkelschwamm
6 Burrafirth Gerolf
7 Subterranean Bunker Dunkelschwamm
8 Bleed (For the Dancer) ack
9 Leurbost Gerolf
10 Graeb Deez! AstroCreep
11 Exit... Stage Right ack
12 Anothermap Military
13 Castle of Sorrow Wolf3DGuy
14 The Dead Walk! AstroCreep
15 lo these hallowed halls ack
16 Fuhrerious Rooms Wolf3DGuy
17 Contrasts Military
18 A Tinge of Brown Serpens
19 Industrial Disease ack
20 Mootants Serpens
21 Revenge of the Grey Toilets Chris

The levels featured customized ceilings and floors, did not follow the storyline of the original mod, and furthermore bosses were featured free-form rather than on certain levels.

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