Danger Action is a Wolfenstein 3D mod, currently in beta phase, released by Officer-Michael John mid-2017. It's based on SplitWolf and brings ten new levels along with a bunch of new sounds and graphics to the table.


1961 July 5.  Finally succeeded  to get nazi Spear of Destiny again.  They want more control over now the World.  But that would not be good  to others. BJ! You need save the World from Nazis'  rule. You can save only. If you can't win then freedom is over! Good Luck BJ    spy!


  • WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Graphics,sounds,Mauser sprite
  • BJ Rowan:Graphics,sounds
  • Laz Rojas:Texture
  • Kyle Albert:2nd cellar textures
  • Other mod makers:Graphics,textures,sounds
  • ID Software:Wolf 3D/SOD,musics,graphics,textures,sounds
  • Apogee Software:Jewelry and Chalice with Treasure sound
  • LinuxWolf:SplitWolf

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