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[[Category:Port-Friendly Mods]]
[[Category:Port-Friendly Mods]]
[[Category:Shareware Wolfenstein 3D]]
[[Category:Shareware Wolfenstein 3D]]
[[Category:Mods with 10 or fewer levels]]

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The Dark Catacombs is the fourth mod by Sandy. As with his previous mods, it was based on shareware Wolfenstein.

Moving away from Project Eisenritter for a change, Sandy instead based this mod on the then-current Halls of Stonehenge, without proper permission from MajikMonkee. This did not go unnoticed on the DieHard Wolfers message board.

The mod contains 7 levels, but unlike his previous three mods, the seventh level was not merely a jump; it actually contained a challenge of some sort to get to the jump.

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