Dark Dungeon II is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Kenny Roels (also known as RKS Kenny). It was uploaded on the Dome on May 27, 2002 together with its prequel, though both might have been created earlier.

Similar in style to its prequel, Dark Dungeon II features some changed graphics, including the mutant actor which has been replaced by a marine from DOOM.

Similar to its prequel and the previous Roels mod Wolfenken, it suffers from heavy usage of numerous guards and objects, and often ammo is not sufficient to battle the many bosses and Hitler ghosts found in the mod. Several levels contain close to 399 static objects.

While Dark Dungeon I was in the process of being ported to SDL by Andy Nonymous in 2014, work had begun on Dark Dungeon II as well, though no port was ever provided to beta tester Thomas Weiling. It was briefly discussed to roll both Dark Dungeons into one EXE, but this idea was never pursued as Andy Nonymous took a leave of absence in February 2015.

The DOS version with the aforementioned issues remains the only available version of the mod.

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