The Dark Plan was a mod which was announced by Kuki on May 17, 2002 following the release of Project: Weltuntergang.

It was to feature 20 levels in which the protagonist would battle an army of robots, the brainchild of scientist Herman Eiskalt. No source code changes were planned, with the only changes being the graphics (by Kuki) and the maps (by Macior).

As no source code changes were planned, it has been speculated that 2003's Secrets of the Grauburg Dungeons may be a watered-down version of this mod as this also features laboratory graphics.

Salvaging the mod will prove impossible. As Kuki stated in August 2009:

"The Evil (or Dark?) Plan" was a mod I was creating together with my younger brother. One day we had a quarell, he got angry and put all the project files in the Windows recycle bin. I wasn't aware of it and emptied the trash. When I realised what happened, it was too late to undelete anything.

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