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Dead World Rising is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Great Wasabi. Released as a 2-level demo in late 2002, the full version came out roughly a year later.

Release history[]

The mod was made using The Final Solution v3.0's source code, and the December 16, 2002 demo version still has many sounds and graphics present from that mod, including its title screen and Read This. BJ Blazkowicz is also present on the status bar.

The final version has an atmosphere much more reminiscent of DOOM, with a Space Marine as the protagonist. Though some of The Final Solution v3.0's atmosphere is still present, it is still very much a DOOM-inspired adventure which has very little common ground with Wolfenstein 3D.

The mod's story and overall atmosphere is based on DOOM. Secret areas show an anime-style texture and a written message in Japanese.

20 levels were made for the project. A follow-up was released the following year.


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