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Dead World Rising 2 (subtitled Episode 2) is the second mod by Great Wasabi. It was released on May 4, 2004 five months after its predecessor.

Swapping The Final Solution v3.0 for traditional Wolfenstein 3D, maintaining the episodic format, the mod nevertheless includes a handful of coding changes such as the addition of an ammo box. As with its predecessor, it carries a heavy DOOM influence. This is particularly evident in the soundtrack, which includes plenty of DOOM music.

Several levels were left unfinished at various positions in the GAMEMAPS file, suggesting that Great Wasabi envisioned a full 60-level set. All six episode names were also changed. Sadly the mod was never finished. However, the download file contains mapping data files for MapEdit, suggesting that Great Wasabi might have had envisioned people finish off the mod themselves if they so desired.

Source code changes were credited to Mario Maniac and Mega Luigi, though Wolf Skevos-Jones also lent a hand. Majik Monkee was thanked for graphical work.

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