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Also known as Dean Horton. Burst onto the modding scene in 2006, and quickly became friendly with a host of different modders. Though also handy with the code, Dean joined Team Raycast as a mapper and contributed to numerous high-scale projects.

His first mod was a short one, part of the 'Mod in a week competition' on DieHard Wolfers, which nevertheless was still a solid effort for a debut. His first large mod, Escape From Castle Holle, was in development for quite some time, being released in late 2007.

Dean also worked closely with Thomas Weiling starting in 2006, doing the coding for a number of projects, in addition to vigorous beta testing, helpful suggestions and otherwise offering vital moral support. Their final product together, W.O.L.F., came out just before Dean slowed modding activities for a while.

Dean also started Dean's Wolfenstein 3D Blog in August 2006, highlighting a number of mods and map sets which otherwise would probably not have gotten that much attention. The site also featured a number of other contributors, including Ron and Majik Monkee.

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