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DeathTrigger is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by M2 Software. It was released on April 10, 2011.

Mucho traffico!

The mod features 9 levels, made by Nexion and Atina in collaboration with Jayngo who contributed the secret level. See below for further detail.

Many new graphics are included, with a lot of creative changes made to sprites and actors originally made by Mr. Wolf, among an amount of original graphics. Additionally, Mr. Wolf also contributed the storyline. Coding changes include traffic (see screenshot), the option to zoom in on targets, usable objects and a handful of other slightly rudimentary changes.

The environment is more hard-boiled and contemporary, not using any WWII aesthetic or idea. Depending on the daytime some of the enemies move faster or slower. On the 30th day of a month the enemies don't move and drop treasures upon being shot.

The mod is only available in DOS. A troubleshooting guide is included, should there be lag in any department.


The project started in October 2008, about a month after the release of Planet Nexion, as a code experiment with focus on moving walls and freelook. With the completion of those two basic features the game quickly formed around it. In early 2009 AlumiuN and Jayngo were sent prototypes to contribute maps. At end of 2009 the truck feature may had inspired AlumiuN to create the multiple moving pushwalls tutorial, a feature found in several of DHW's Map of the Month contests. Ultimately, only Jayngo ended up contributing one map. The project went on hiatus from 2009 to late 2010. During the final testing phase the statusbar and window border colors were changed from cyan to grey on a suggestion by Brian Lowe.

Trivia, pop culture references and easter eggs[]

Occasionally small bits of the project are parodying classic action games and movies.

  • The Governator: A torso resembling Arnold is hanging around in one of the cells on level 4.
  • Assault On Precinct 13: Title of level 3 with the district changed to 69.
  • Bonnie & Clyde: A most wanted wallpaper seen at the beginning of level 1 & 4.
  • Cthulhu: A note on the secret office level shows a message about 2012 and Cthulhu.
  • Die Hard: In the final room of the game you can see the words "McClane was here".
  • Die Hard: John McClane's corpse can be found on the last level. The blood under the corpse spells "died hard".
  • Escape from L.A.: Referred to in a note at the beginning of level 7.
  • Escape from New York: Snake Plissken coudn't "Escape from NA" and is found dead in level 7.
  • Evil Dead Trap: A paper note on level 4 refers to the title of this japanese slasher movie.
  • NA: The name of level 7, "A N-Experiment", refers with the first two letters to the designers of the map.
  • NA: The design of level 7 is built around room puzzles in the shapes of "NA" and "DNA".
  • Northern Darkness: The wallpaper can be found at the beginning of level 1.
  • Planet Nexion: A wallpaper can be seen during the last level in front of a PC and a dead person who couldn't handle it.
  • Punisher: A corpse on map 7 has a skull shaped blood splat on the chest.
  • Pink Bunny: Trying to cheat on the riddles may show you a pink bunny and a note that reads B&C.
  • Rambo: A similar looking corpse found on a throne in level 7. The paper hint of level 2 reveals some background about it.
  • Rambo (First Blood): Referred to on level 3 by the note paper hinting at a secret.
  • Steven Seagal: A similar looking person is tangled up on level 6.
  • The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, Bruce Lee: A paper on level 6 shows you the way out of the chamber area while combining Bruce Lee's name with "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin".
  • The Great Escape: The paper on the first level hints at a secret as an escape with the number 63. The movie was released in 1963.
  • The People Under The Stairs: The note on level 5 reads "Corpses Under The Stairs" to hint at a corpse next to a secret wall. The movie is about people living between the walls.
  • Punisher: Level 9 is designed in shape of the Punisher symbol and can be only accessed via goobers.
  • Under Siege, Die Hard 2, Punisher: The name of level 4, "Under Siege: Die Harder & Punish Them", is a combination of the three movie titles.

In the manual:

  • A Fistful of Dollars: The safe item is named "A Fistul Of Safe".
  • Area 51: The HUD area shows the number 51.
  • Batman: Putting the Riddler into the question about riddles.
  • Broken Arrow: One of the story headlines.
  • Darkman, Back To The Future: The DNA-Slime section refers to both.
  • Death Proof: Text explaining how deadly the ammunition is.
  • Duck, You Sucker!: The way you are told to open a safe.
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project: A phrase used to describe the success of the mission.
  • Faces of Death: In the paragraph about the HUD face.
  • Hard Boiled, Bullet In The Head: Health description makes a pun out of both.
  • Lethal Weapon: Famous quote used in the story line.
  • Machete: The HUD face of the character is scarred for life "after meeting the machete".
  • Max Payne: The "Painquilizer" item starts with the words "Max. pain". In Max Payne the player overdoses on painkillers.
  • Mission Impossible, Doom: The keycard description connects both in a wordplay.
  • Planet Nexion: The weapon on the HUD is taken from Planet Nexion.
  • Predator: The Predator is mentioned in the weapons section.
  • Punisher: The item "Castle Crunch" got Frank Castle's surname and makes fun of its strength.
  • Terminator: The ammo sections brings up that even a killing machine could need some ammo.
  • Timebomb (1991): An alternative movie title of it is used in the text.
  • Tomb Raider: The medikit description trying to be funny.
  • Thunderbolt & Lightfoot: In reference to steal the loot items.
  • You Only Live Twice: The HUD description about the lives uses the movie title for a pun.

In the menu:

  • Kindergarten Cop: The first difficulty level pokes fun at the player.
  • Bulletproof Monk, Cobra: The second difficulty title combines "Bulletproof Monk" and "Stallone's Cobra".
  • Mad Max 2: The third difficulty mixes up the movie title and subtitle.
  • Death Machine: The last difficulty level refers to the movie for being an unstoppable killing machine.

In the quiz:

  • Doom: Level 1 mentions the Doom guy along with his chainsaw and the number 666.
  • Duke Nukem, Blood: On level 2 Duke's corpse in Blood is mentioned along with Super Mario.
  • Blake Stone: On level 3 the riddle asks about the subtitle of the game.
  • Pulp Fiction, Duke Nukem Total Meltdown: Also on level 3 the burger scene from Pulp Fiction and Duke Nukem's Plug 'n Pray episode (Duke Royale) is brought up.
  • Last Action Hero: On level 4 Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, Last Man Standing are listed for having similar titles and two of them share the same actor in connection to the level name.
  • Comics: Also in the riddle of level 4 the comic universes Spiderman, Punisher, Daredevil are smashed together by a joke about Kingpin.
  • Noah's Ark: On the question how many animals were harmed during development on level 5 you can choose "666: 2 of each Species".
  • Lethal Weapon 2: A scene from the movie is turned into one of the questions.
  • Emergency Codes: The codes: 911-blood, 112-acid, 110-water are possible answers about a room filled with corpses.
  • Chuck Norris, Duke Nukem 3D: In one of the later levels one has to pick between Chuck Norris' Roundhouse Kick, Duke Nukem's Mighty Boot, Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, Terminator's Iron Nose and Rigg's Disco Slap.
  • Planet Nexion, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D: On the last level a few specific locations are mentioned.
  • Jack The Ripper: Mentioned in the last level.


In the second half of 2011 a DOS split screen spin-off was in development. A handful of screenshots were posted on the homepage during the year. It got shelved later on due to technical issue and abandoned with the arrival of SplitWolf.

List of Levels[]

Level Number Level Name Level Author
1 Headquarters Overrun Nexion
2 Enemies, Corpses, Painful Injuries Atina
3 Assault On Precinct 69 Atina
4 Under Siege - Die Harder & Punish Them Atina
5 On The Run Nexion
6 Crossroad To Hell Atina
7 A N-Experiment Nexion, Atina
8 Triggered Nexion
Secret Secret Office Space Jayngo

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