DeathTrigger is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by M2 Software. It was released on April 10, 2011.


Mucho traffico!

The mod features 9 levels, made by Nexion and Atina in collaboration with Jayngo who contributed the secret level. See below for further detail.

Many new graphics are included, with a lot of creative changes made to sprites and actors originally made by Mr. Wolf, among an amount of original graphics. Additionally, Mr. Wolf also contributed the storyline. Coding changes include traffic (see screenshot), the option to zoom in on targets, usable objects and a handful of other slightly rudimentary changes.

The environment is more hard-boiled and contemporary, not using any WWII aesthetic or idea.

The mod is only available in DOS. A troubleshooting guide is included, should there be lag in any department.

List of Levels Edit

Level Number Level Name Level Author
1 Headquarters Overrun Nexion
2 Enemies, Corpses, Painful Injuries Atina
3 Assault On Precinct 69 Atina
4 Under Siege - Die Harder & Punish Them Atina
5 On The Run Nexion
6 Crossroad To Hell Atina
7 A N-Experiment Nexion, Atina
8 Triggered Nexion
Secret Secret Office Space Jayngo

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