The Death Knight is the fourth boss in Spear of Destiny and the boss of the Spear of Destiny (Item) holding area.


The Death Knight is the single most heavily armed foe in any of the Wolfenstein 3D family of games. When he fires it comes in a volley of four bullets and two rockets fired in quick succession. Because of this it is absolutely crucial that the player find cover the moment The Death Knight stops to aim. He takes a lot of damage before coming down, so finding a pool of resources to fight him near is a wise approach.

Due to the shape of Map18 in Spear of Destiny the player will be forced to confront the Death Knight head on soon into the level while many guards are around for backup. The best solution is to find a way to run around the Death Knight into other rooms and use the chaingun to clear a path and pick off any possible distractions. Facing the Death Knight one-on-one is the best scenario.

Defeating the Death Knight only nets the player a gold key, so keeping a careful eye on the player's health and ammo is a good policy.

Official Hint Book Description

Art for The Death Knight by Adrian Carmack as shown in the Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book

From The Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book:

...guarding the entrance to the Spear's chamber is the ultimate Nazi warrior, the Death Knight.
The Death Knight wields two chainguns and a missile launcher, making him the most deadly opponent you've faced.
Unlike previous super guards, you won't have to search for the Death Knight. As soon as you enter the final chamber, he'll be standing at the door. You may be playing on Death Incarnate, but with two chainguns and two missile launchers, this guy is Death Incarnate.


ECWolf DECORATE Definition

actor DeathKnight : WolfensteinMonster 26
    points 5000
    health 1250, 1350, 1450, 1600
    speed 1, 4
    missilefrequency 0.04
    seesound "knight/sight"
    deathsound "knight/death"
    attacksound "knight/attack"
    dropitem "GoldKey"
            DKNT A -1 NOP A_Look(0, 0, 0, 0, 360)
            DKNT A 5 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            DKNT A 1.5
            DKNT B 4 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            DKNT C 5 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            DKNT C 1.5
            DKNT D 4 NOP A_Chase("*", "*", CHF_BACKOFF)
            DKNT E 15 A_FaceTarget
            DKNT F 5 bright A_FaceTarget
            DKNT H 0 bright A_WolfAttack
            DKNT H 5 bright A_CustomMissile("HighRocket", 32, 0, 4)
            DKNT G 5 bright A_WolfAttack
            DKNT H 0 bright A_WolfAttack
            DKNT H 5 bright A_CustomMissile("HighRocket", 32, 0, -4)
            DKNT H 0 bright A_WolfAttack
            goto See
            DKNT A .5 A_Fall
            DKNT A 52.5 A_Scream
            DKNT IJKLMN 5
            DKNT O -1
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