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Death of Cartosa was a mod by Rocketboy680 intended to be the finale of The Legacy of Kevin Cartosa trilogy and sequel to Cartosa Lives! Due to a harddrive failure Rocketboy680 ended up cancelling the mod before it ever released, but a demo containing the first episode was released on The Wolfenstein 3D Dome in August of 2004.


After the destruction of the occult aspect of Cartosa's cabal, the threat of General Cartosa's resurrection seemed to be extinguished. However, a small group of the technology and science branch of his cabal had escaped and planned in secret to recreate General Cartosa using cloning technology. Having created an army of imperfect Cartosa clones and a series of biological super weapons, this final faction must be destroyed to finally erase any threat of Cartosa's Resurrection.


Author Editorial[]

The mod also used plenty of very shamelessly ripped off sprites and wall textures from various WSJ and ISJ mods as well as Spiffaraneous's Astrostein and Spear Resurrection.

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